Chef Philippe Parola Consulting


Food Service Employee Training

Chef Philippe and his team can work with your staff to train them on how best to do their jobs. Training you managers and your staff on work flow can be a huge difference maker in your business. Training your office staff to utilize social networking and email marketing can guarantee repeat business as well as new business. It should be one of your goals that all paid positions in your restaurant are filled with well trained employees who are good at what they do. Chef Philippe and his team will help you achieve that goal.

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Management Staff

Management staff at a restaurant are important people who not only help ensure things run smoothly but also interact with customers and supervise other staff. Chef Philippe and his team will ensure that your management staff understand their job duties and have the skills and tools to perform those duties well.


Office Staff

The office, or business, staff in a restaurant are the ones who handle the business side of things. They deal with inventory, bill paying, payroll processing, and other similar duties. Chef Philippe and his team will help these staff members understand their duties and understand who they work with in the restaurant.


Front of House Staff

Front of House staff includes hosts, hostesses, servers, bussers, and anyone else who works the dining floor and interacts with the customers. Chef Philippe and his team will not only train them in dealing with customers and learning the menu but also in food handling, food safety, and other front of house skills.


Kitchen Staff

Without your kitchen staff, your restaurant doesn't have food to serve your customers. They are some of the most important people in the restaurant. Chef Philippe and his team will ensure they understand recipes, kitchen workflow, food handling, food safety, and other vital aspects of working your kitchen.