Chef Philippe Parola Consulting


Operations Assessment

Chef Philippe and his team will visit your restaurant and provide an assessment. They will take a close, hard look - the kind o flook YOU can't take because you are too close to it. The Assessment Team looks for opportunities for you to grow and sustain your business.  When we are done, you will receive an Initial Findings Report from Chef Philippe that will provide us with a starting point to move forward in making your restaurant more successful.


Food Service Questionnaire

Chef Philiplle and his team have created a Food Service Questionnaire that you can complete that helps you and Chef's team take a close look at many of the important aspects of your business. This helps Chef and his team know exactly what is going on with your food service establishment and helps you have a solid profile of your business. Whether your are just starting up or already established, this is a valuable assessment tool.


Competitor Analysis

Chef Philippe and his team will work with you totak a look around town to identify your competitors. Once identified, Chef will help you identify strenghts, weaknesses, advantages, and opportunities that can be identified by closely examining your direct and indirect competition. Chef will work with you to strategize a plan to ensure you are competitive and find ways for you to ensure that you stand out so that your customers come back time and time again.


Mystery Diner

Chef Philippe will sen an anonymous mystery diner to your restaurant during one of your busiest times. The mystery diner will not make themself known to you or your staff and will assess your restaurant on three basic fronts: Appearance, Staff, and Food. The Mystery Diner will use Chef Philippe's Mystery Diner Checklist to report their observations and experiences in your restaurant. The checklist will be included in your final report.


Back-of-House Operations

Great food is great passion! Food is the most important part of your restaurant. It is the first thing people consider when deciding where to eat. A great food experience is what keeps people coming back time and time again. People want honest food that is made from scratch. Chef Philippe will personally evaluate your kitchen operations starting with recipes, food prep, procedures, and work flow and ending with evaluation of your kitchen staff and overall kitchen operations.


Front-of-House Operations

As equally important as the kitchen and the back-of-house is the front-of-house. How your staff runs the dining room and interacts with your customers can make or break your restaurant. Chef Philippe and his team will examine every aspect of the front-of-house from how customers are greeted when they walk in the front door through order taking, food service, table attentiveness, check delivery and customer exit.  Evaluation of these areas will be included in your final assessment from Chef Philippe.


Financial Assessment

There are so many things that can affect your bottom dollar. Chef Philippe will take a look at your menu engineering, recipe costs, labor management, and other expenses in search of areas that could be an opportunity to maximize profit. Chef Philippe has credible experience in ownership and management of restaurants, a culinary school and other businesses that enable him to provide a viable financial assessment of your business and help you improve profit.


Initial Findings Report

The final phase of the consulting assessment is the Initial Findings Report which identifies your strengths and highlights areas in which Chef Philippe and his team see as opportunities for you to improve your business. The report will be the basis for the work that you, your team, Chef Philippe, and his team use to work together to strategize the best options  to create growth and sustainability for your restaurant. Then everyone works together to execute the plan to make it reality.