Chef Philippe Parola Consulting


Restaurant Menu Development

Menu and recipes are the cornerstone of your business. Your menu will either support you to success or crumble you to failure. Customers come to your restaurant for the food more than anything else. The items on your menu can also affect how long customers have to wait and whether or not you make a profit. Your menu must not only contain food that tastes good but food that is also affordable for you, appropriate for your restaurant equipment, and congruent with the atmosphere and style of your restaurant. Chef Philippe's expertise can help you strategize and engineer a menu with foods and beverages that will appeal to your targeted customer base, maximize use of local fresh ingredients, and provide a reasonable profit margin for your restaurant.


Restaurant Menu Design

Chef Philippe has professional graphic designers who will help make your menu look great! How your menu looks is important since it is the first view a customer gets of what great food you offer. Your menu should be attractive, easy to read, and highlight any specialty items you offer in each category of food. Menu design should coordinate with your overall colors and image and blend with the interior and ambience of your restaurant. 
Chef Philippe's team has years of experience working with restaurants and other businesses to help them create key elements that help them project a professional image that appeals to their customer base. They will design paper table menus, paper take home menus for your customers, as well as online menus for your website.