Chef Philippe Parola

Professional Food Operations Consulting and Analysis

Qualified Experience

Chef Philippe has over 30 years of experience in the restaurant industry and has an impressively long list of award winning achievements and professional accomplishments on both national and international levels. He is know around the world for his expertise in professional food operations. Chef Philippe Parola is now focused on teaching consumers how to eat healthy while cooking at home, helping restaurant owners and chefs achieve their highest potential in their food operations, and helping manage invasive species by turning them into tasty, edible foods.


Hands-On Consulting

Chef Philippe and his team offer hands-on consulting at your location. We strive to deliver real, profitable solutions that cover everything from concept to launch to everyday operations. Through evaluation, planning, training, and market analysis, Chef Philippe and his team will give you and your employees valuable culinary and business guidance. We will help you think through your options and develop short and long term plans and goals that will offer your restaurant sustainable growth. Our guidance will put you on the path and provide you with the tools and resources you need to be successful.


Are You Ready to Succeed?

Chef Philippe Parola and his team have the knowledge, experience, skills, and passion to quickly and efficiently deliver the solutions that are right for your restaurant. Your goal in your food service business is to have a successful, profitable, and efficient business that will benefit the community, your investors, your employees, and yourself over the long term. From planning to startup to training to operations, Chef Philippe and his team can help you be successful. Let us help you achieve that goal. Reach out to Chef Philippe and talk to him about your business and your consulting needs.