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LOUISIANA FISHERIES - The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission, in an initial step to relax
regulations on the recreational harvest of silver and bighead carp, today
approved a 120-day comment period for public input on the subject.  MORE
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BATON ROUGE BUSINESS REPORT - "We will never be able to fully eradicate these fish, so we are trying to make the best out of what these fish have to offer," said Gary Tilyou, administrator for inland fisheries. "By creating a demand for the meat, we hope to create a commercial and recreational freshwater fishing industry for Asian carp."  MORE
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LOUISIANA - Members of the Asian carp family, mostly bighead and silver carp, have been tied to a number of problems for both fishermen and the fish resources in Louisiana waterways.  MORE
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GREAT LAKES ANGLER - The danger of the jumping, invasive Asian carp with a photo of a "carp injury" as it happened.  MORE
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Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant: By dining on these invasive fish and requesting more from your local grocery store or fish market (or even catching them on your own!)b, you can help reduce their numbers and thus their overall impact on our native species.  MORE
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RIVERBILLS.COM - Stories and Info posted on  MORE
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Cuisine: As nutria thrash Louisiana's ecosystems, state cooks up a response. Chefs are willing, but diners are wary.  MORE