Video Media  |  Wed - December 5, 2018 4:07 pm  |  Article Hits:5288
The students at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts now have Silverfin™ Fish Cakes on the menu! They want you to put the problem on your plate! Tap the vid to see how Williams is JOINING THE FIGHT against the invasive Asican Carp.  MORE
Video Media  |  Thu - November 1, 2018 4:25 pm  |  Article Hits:210136
Chef Philippe Parola talks about the Asian Carp Invasion and his Silverfin™ Fish Cakes on Bayou Wild TV  MORE
Video Media  |  Wed - April 4, 2018 4:47 am  |  Article Hits:5607
ANIMAL PLANET - Chef Philippe Cooking Asian Carp and Silverfin™ Fish Cakes with Jeremy Wade on Animal Planet's River Monster's Revisited  MORE
Video Media  |  Tue - March 13, 2018 7:42 pm  |  Article Hits:4969
WAND-TV Newscenter 17 - SOUND OFF: local restaurants are adding Asian carp to the menu. Could this be a solution to the overwhelming number of carp in local waters? We’re asking you: would you eat Asian carp, or Silverfin, as the restaurants are calling it?  MORE
Video Media  |  Mon - January 22, 2018 5:33 pm  |  Article Hits:5008
UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS (WCIA) -- One chef claims, for the first time in American history, an invasive species is being mass-produced and distributed to the marketplace. It means it could end up on your plate.  MORE
Video Media  |  Mon - February 29, 2016 4:12 am  |  Article Hits:4509
BATON ROUGE, LA - Asian Carp Invasion Featuring Chef Philippe Parola  MORE
Video Media  |  Thu - December 17, 2015 4:08 am  |  Article Hits:3848
ZAGAT VIDEO - Asian carp are known as an invasive species due to their aggressive nature and rapid growth, but one Louisiana chef is offering a unique solution when it comes to fighting back. Watch as Zagat travels to central Louisiana to investigate how chef Philippe Parola's "can't beat 'em, eat 'em" strategy is helping lead the fight against worldwide carp domination.   MORE
Video Media  |  Fri - July 31, 2015 7:37 pm  |  Article Hits:4702
Illinois Launches Asian Carp Anti-Hunger Program  MORE
Video Media  |  Mon - October 13, 2014 3:58 am  |  Article Hits:3578
CBS EVENING NEWS - Leaping Asian Carp are fun to watch, but they are a real threat because they multiply so fast and eat so much they starve out native fish. One chef is on a crusade to get them on American plates with a new name: the silverfin. Barr  MORE
Video Media  |  Wed - September 24, 2014 8:03 pm  |  Article Hits:3502
The Worst Fish in America: Asian Carpocalypse  MORE