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Due to the Silver “flying” Carp’s jumping ability (several feet up in the air), when a boat disturb their
water, several accident even death to humans has been reported nationwide.  MORE
Web Blog  |  Mon - September 20, 2010 4:11 am  |  Article Hits:2734
NESBIT, MS - Jenniffer Herrin Says Hundreds Of Asian Carp Injured Her. Herrin Wants A Mississippi Agency To Post Warning Signs  MORE
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It seems, at least judging by most of the responses to last week's blog, that most guys take the "hey, if they're here might as well hunt them" attitude to invasive species. Then I saw this story and decided to take the question one step further. What invasive species would you consider turning into table fare?  MORE
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NEW ORLEANS - Using a marketing plan developed by the state, a group of Louisiana-based seafood companies announced a joint venture last week that will put the recently branded silverfin on retail shelves within a month..Technically, the fish is Asian carp.   MORE
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GREAT LAKES ANGLER - The danger of the jumping, invasive Asian carp with a photo of a "carp injury" as it happened.  MORE