An Asian Carp Invasion
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Filet Asian Carp (l sgcp/fl ickr)
Filet Asian Carp (l sgcp/fl ickr)
An Asian Carp Invasion
February 28, 2011   |   The Atlantic   |   Justin Vogt

Last August, Philippe Parola was fishing in a bayou near Pierre Part, in southwestern Louisiana. Parola,
a French chef who came to the United States in early 1980s, had been asked by producers from the
Food Network program Extreme Cuisine with Jeff Corwin to catch an alligator gar, a toothy fish
popular with sport fishermen in the region.

Just after heading out onto the water, Parola and his guide were suddenly joined by an unexpected
guest. "Literally minutes from the landing, this 25-pound fish jumped out of the water and landed right
on a seat in the boat," Parola recalled. "I was like, what the hell? And then we looked behind us and
there were another 50 or 100 fish jumping everywhere."  READ MORE...